Mone Laferte Tour tickets

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Norma Monserrat Bustamante Lafferty, also known as Mon Lafferty, is a Chilean singer, songwriter, and actress. She started her career in bars and then joined the Rojo Fama Contrafama. With an international following, she is now one of the most famous artists in the world. With her dazzling voice, Mon Lafferte is sure to entertain her fans.

Mon Laferte info

Born in Vina del Mar, Chile, Mon Lafferty has been performing since she was a child. Her first musical influence was her grandmother, and she was only nine years old when she won a guitar in a singing competition. Today she is one of the most popular Latin music artists, with over half a million units in Latin America. Between albums, her music has sold over 800,000 digital copies. Her song Amarrame won a Latin Grammy in 2017.

Norma’s career

Norma’s career is a classic tale of love, loss, and hope. Whether you’re looking for cheap Mone Laferte Tour tickets for their upcoming performance near you, or you’re just a fan of their music, you have many options. If you’re a fan of Spanish music, you’ll love this tribute to the artist.

Mone Laferte Tour tickets
Mone Laferte Tour tickets

Mon Laferte has gained much popularity for her raw, powerful voice. Their music mixes Latin, classical, and retro influences. She also returned to her first name for her passion project and is now playing in various clubs and theaters across the US. The performance is divide into three acts, each with style and flair.

Mone Lafferte songs

Mon Lafferty’s massive US tour kicks off September 14 in Seattle and runs through October. The tour will cover critical markets and follow the success of the band’s La Gira de Norma Tour, which covered North America, Europe, and South America. Ticket2Concert has the perfect Mon Tour tickets for every fan.

This Chilean singer, songwriter, and plastic artist is a multiple Latin Grammy Award-winning artist. Their sound mixes indie and root rock with blues, cumbia, electronic elements, and Chilean folk traditions. Her music has been describe as intimate and bold. It’s hard to miss a Mon Laferte show. You can get your tickets to one of their concert dates below.

Mon Laferte concert schedule

Mon Laferte is a multitalented upholster artist originating from Chile. He has won four Latin Grammy Awards, including Best Singer-Songwriter Album for his 2021 album Seis. The artist is also known for his innovative use of plastic art. His music blends indie and roots rock, cumbia, blues, and electronic elements with Chilean folk traditions. His songs have been describe as intimate and bold. If you plan to see this artist live, you should consider buying tickets from Ticket2Concert to ensure you have a good seat.

With over 40 million social media followers, Mon Laferte is already one of the hottest artists on the international stage. Her fearless Latin alternative rock has sold three multi-platinum albums in her native Chile. With this resurgence in popularity in the US, their concert dates are becoming more popular than ever. Check out the dates below to find the best seats for their upcoming show.

Buying Mon Laferte Tour tickets

Buying Mon Laferte Tour tickets on Ticket2Concert allows you to attend one of the upcoming concerts. This Brazilian singer is known for her soulful and melancholy voice, influence several famous artists. In addition to her acclaimed albums, Mon Laferte is also an accomplished performer, ranging from soulful to experimental pop. In addition to her live performances, she has been nominate for multiple Latin Grammy Awards.

Mone Laferte Tour tickets
Mone Laferte Tour tickets

As a solo artist, Mon Laferte has a considerable following. Her latest album, Antes de Ti, received a Latin Grammy nomination. It has garnered a loyal following, and buying tour Mone Laferte Tour tickets from Ticket2Concert is an easy and affordable way to see its live performances. Ticket2Concert not only offers tickets directly from the artists but also offers presale tickets for Mon Laferte concerts.

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